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Webinar Software

Yourwebinar has its own webinar software, where it is possible to make a webinar in the webinaromgeving fully customised. The Yourwebinar webinar software is designed to meet your every need and needs. In addition to scheduling your webinar, you have the opportunity to personalize the entire process of a webinar with your own branding. The possibilities and specifications of our software are optimized every day. We want to make organizing a webinar as easy as possible! Would you like to see a specific functionality in our software? Let us know. We like to think along!


Benefits of our Webinar software:

  • Personalised confirmation, reminder and evaluation mails
  • Use of your own house style
  • Personalization of the Registration form
  • Importing participant lists
  • Webinar Statistics and reports (a.o. a chat and participants log)
  • Customizing webinar settings Possible 24 hours a day