Organizing a Webinar in our Webinarstudio or on location? | Yourwebinar

Organizing Webinar

Perhaps you have been taking the intention to organize a webinar for employees, stakeholders or business associates for a longer period of time. Or have you heard of the phenomenon, but don't know well what the different possibilities are of a webinar.

With a webinar from Yourwebinar you can take care of an interactive presentation. During the webinar, you can also use advanced elements in addition to audio, video and presentation slides.

It is possible to Desktop Share During the webinar, applications via a smartphone or tablet to show or make use of live video. A webinar also offers interactive options such as poll questions, chat functions and call-to-actions.

The organization

To schedule a webinar, you can use the contact request. You will then receive a customised quote and start organizing the webinar. Through our Own software Control your webinar allows you to create a custom webinar in the webinar environment. The communication around your webinar allows you to completely customize your house style.

After scheduling a webinar, it's time to recruit your target audience. Invite participants and distribute the unique sign-up link for the webinar. After signing up for the webinar, participants will automatically receive a confirmation and reminder for the webinar. You can (re) write and customise these mails in our software.

The Live Webinar

If the webinar is scheduled, the webinar can be broadcast. The webinar can be broadcast from our Webinarstudio in Amsterdam, but also a webinar on location is part of the possibilities! With a webinar on location we come to you with our mobile studio. During each webinar, a professional team is present that will technically accompany the entire webinar. A webinar provides a lot of data, you can use this data to build a customer base, but also to collect conversions. In addition, after the webinar, you'll receive the registration of the webinar that you can spread to the target audience. For example, participants who could not be present at the live broadcast can still watch the webinar!