Organizing a Webcast in our studio or on location? | Yourwebinar


You may have heard of the term webcast, without knowing exactly what it is. Or that you'd like to organize a webcast, but don't know how to handle it?


At Yourwebinar it is possible to provide an interactive presentation, or a webcast. It is not only possible to organize a webcast in our Webinarstudio in Amsterdam. It is also possible to organize a webcast on site. The biggest advantage of organizing a webcast, compared to a physical presentation is to obtain contact data and data. But how does the organization of a webcast work?


The organization

Organizing a webcast all starts with the display of the Contact request. After agreement, the webcast organization will start with our own Yourwebinar software. In the Designed webinar environment it is possible to customize a webcast completely to taste. You can add your own mailings, but also personalize the registration form. It is also possible to create your own evaluation form.


Is your first webcast scheduled, and you have entered everything in Our software? Then it's time to invite your target group. It is possible to view the number of participants and their data 24 hours a day thanks to Control your Webinar. It is also a great advantage that the participants should not travel to a physical location. A webcast can be viewed on any device in any desired location.


The live broadcast

When organizing a physical webcast, it is only possible to use presentation slides. In addition to audio, video and presentation slides, a webcast offers advanced elements. Think of using interactive options, such as poll questions, a chat function and call-to-actions. It is also possible to share your desktop through screen sharing, show applications via a smartphone or tablet or use live video.


Unlike a physical presentation, a webcast provides a lot of data, including contact information about the participants, as well as data from the webcast. It is possible to use the data at the end of the live broadcast to access potential leads and gather conversions. In addition, you can distribute the webcast registration to your target audience, and reach an even bigger audience!