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  • What is a webinar?

    A Webinar is an interactive live broadcast over the Internet. It is possible to give a presentation from one location. This can be in our webinar studio in Amsterdam, as well as at a location of your choice. Although you do not have direct contact with your audience, it is still possible to communicate thanks to various interactive options. By means of polls, a survey and chat questions you get in touch with the participants. This makes it possible to answer a question during the webinar, or whether you can measure the content of the webinar with a poll. A Webinar offers a lot of possibilities!

Perhaps you have been taking the intention to organize a webinar for employees, stakeholders or business associates for a longer period of time. Or have you heard of the phenomenon ' webinar ', but you don't know well what the different possibilities are of a webinar. A webinar, unlike a seminar, offers several advantages. A seminar costs time and money for participants, while saving this with a webinar. For you and the participants of your webinar! In addition, it is even possible to make money with your webinars. Discover the different benefits of a webinar!

To organize the benefits of a webinar with Yourwebinar:

• Professional Webinar Studio in Amsterdam

• A webinar on location possible with our mobile set

• Our own software: ' Connect Your Webinar '

• Training Possibility 'Organizing Webinar'

• Professional HD Quality

• Accompaniment to technology and organization of the webinar

Webinar vs. Seminar

A webinar consists of the words ' web ' and ' seminar '. At a seminar there is always a physical audience present in contrast to a webinar. A webinar is an activity on the internet where an online audience can participate. With a webinar, it is possible to give an interactive presentation from one location to an audience that can range from a few participants to thousands, also called one-to-many communication. In addition, a great advantage of webinars is that the target audience will remember a larger part of the message. Research shows that transferring a message with image, sound and interaction ensures that the target group remembers about 80% of the message.


Participants of a webinar can easily follow the webinar from their own PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone regardless of where they are. For a webinar it is not necessary to download a software. Participants can click on a link and participate directly in the webinar, this makes the organizing a Webinar Even simpler! After the live broadcast, the webinar is easy to look back through a link that the participant receives in his mailbox.

different purposes

Webinars can be used for many different purposes. Think of internal communication, e-learning, product launches and lead generation. The content of a webinar can be added to the presenter's spoken word and video image, with PowerPoint slides, videos, Screen Capture and additional interactive options. The interactive options of a webinar include the ability to ask questions through live chat, keeping polls, or setting surveys.