Video Production-YourWebinar

Video Production

Do you want to record a professional video in the studio, but don't need to interact with participants? Then go for a video production of Yourwebinar! You have access to all the facilities we have to offer with our (mobile) studio. Professional light, sound and image and of course we also accompany you with a video production at the entire process.

Video production is suitable for you as...

•... you want to make a nice business or training video
We assemble your video entirely to your liking. The rights of the video are entirely yours, so you can share it where, when and how often you want it.

•... you want to share a short (Power point) presentation on your website
By using our green screen you can create a professional video of your presentation.

•... to record a software demonstration
By using screen sharing, viewers can see exactly what you are doing on your laptop.

Why Yourwebinar?

We offer you access to all our expertise at a feasible price. You will be helped in a personal and professional way to make your video production a success.
Do you want to know how we can help you? Please contact us!