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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    organizing a webinar, but isn't it all clear yet? Whether you're organizing a webinar in our Amsterdam Webinar studio, or a webinar on location below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not in between? Please contact us!

What are the benefits of a webinar?

What is often missing from a presentation, instructional video or seminar is interaction. This is where a webinar goes on. By actively interacting with viewers during a webinar, the message will be much better. In addition, live interaction ensures that viewers can ask questions, and that they can be answered directly. The viewer sits in a classroom, but with the comfort of his own home or office.

What do I need to organize a webinar?

When you are organizing a webinar in our Webinarstudio, the only thing you need is a presentation. We make sure that all equipment and technology is present and working. You take care of the presentation and we do the rest!

What is needed to follow a webinar?

The only thing the viewer needs is internet access. This can be on a computer, but also on a tablet or phone. Following a webinar is then very simple. After someone enrolled in a webinar, he will be sent a link via the mail. Clicking on this link will start the webinar and all the work is done. There is no need to download any software!

Is it possible to give a webinar on location?

In addition to a webinar in our studio, it is possible to give a webinar on location. We will come to you with our mobile studio. Besides a webinar it is also possible to organize a livestream. This way you can broadcast your presentation live. When you provide a suitable location and a high-speed Internet connection, we take care of all the technology and equipment.

I can't log in, what should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in prior to the webinar, you can report it via or by phone via 020 636 91 78. We will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem!

What can a webinar be used for?

Webinars can be used for many different purposes. Think of internal communication, e-learning, product launches and lead generation. What do you want to achieve with the target group? Do you want to activate, train, inform or demonstrate something to the participants? The most important thing is the story you want to transfer.

Which requirements should my presentation meet?

With a webinar it is possible to use a PowerPoint, a prez or a PDF by means of screensharing. The requirement around the presentation form is the format, which must be square (4:3). In addition, we recommend using high-resolution photos and little text. If you want to use video, it must be delivered in advance.

What are the clothing requirements for a presenter and host?

It is advised not to wear small strips, balls, diamonds and other small objects on garments. This creates a ' moving ' image. Also bright colors and distracting jewelry that produce sound are not recommended. Make sure you bring an extra set of clothes.