How do you organize a webinar?

<em>Webinars are becoming increasingly popular that we notice at Yourwebinar too! You also want to organize a webinar with your company, but where do you start? We will help you with useful tips for organizing a webinar. After all, a good start is half the work!</em>


As with writing a text it is for organizing A Webinar or video production fine to have a guideline. We have done it more often, so we know what we are talking about. And we like to save you some time and effort!



Create your webinar specifically


The first step in organizing a webinar is that you must clearly envision what you want to achieve with the webinar. So start by making your idea concrete and setting your target group and the purpose of your webinar. Do you want for example Activate participants, inform existing users of your product or demonstrate a new product? Choose a goal that suits the target audience you want to address with the webinar. Once the purpose of the webinar is clear, you can choose a subject. It is important that this subject is specific and clear. Rework the topic in the title of your webinar so that participants know what they can expect.



The right time


If you have worked out the idea for the webinar, you can choose a date and time for the live webinar. For a successful webinar, it is important to choose a good time. When choosing a date and time, always keep your target audience in mind. After all, it is essential for a webinar to be interactive. (Do you want to make a video, but don't need interaction? Think of a Video Production!) Want to give a webinar at a quiet time? Then choose for 10.00 hours in the morning or 16.00 noon. You can also choose to give a lunchwebinar. Keep in mind that the target group will reserve time and no extra time for the webinar during any spout.



Follow these 5 steps


You know what the webinar is about, you know when you want the webinar to take place... Now it's time for the real organization of the webinar. The planning, promotion and Presentation, but also for example the evaluation. To organize your webinar you can follow the steps described in the infographic. By following these five steps you are ready for your first webinar!


Organizing Webinar


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