Organising an Online Seminar on location or in our studio? | Yourwebinar

Online Seminar

Is there a presentation on the schedule soon? Consider organizing an online seminar! Maybe you've heard the term online seminar, but you don't know exactly what it means. The organisation of a seminar has a lot to offer. Renting a suitable location, arranging drinking and in some cases even lunch!


The organisation of an online seminar has many advantages compared to the physical seminar. Do not rent halls that appear to be half filled later and also no hassle with food and drink. With an online seminar from Yourwebinar You can take care of an interactive presentation. You come to our webinarstudio in Amsterdam, or organise a On location. The convenience of your office or our fully equipped webinarstudio. The choice is yours!


The organization

Organising an online seminar all starts with the use of a Contact request. You will then receive a tailor-made quote to suit your needs. Through our software Control your webinar It is then possible to create your first online seminar in the webinar environment. In the software you can customise the online seminar to the fullest taste. From the registration form and communication expressions to the evaluation. As soon as your first online seminar is scheduled, it is time to invite your participants. At an online seminar you'll need your participants as with a physical seminar. The big difference is that at an online seminar the threshold is much lower. Participants can follow the online seminar at any location and on any device you wish.


The live broadcast

During an online seminar it is possible to also use advanced elements in addition to audio, video and presentation slides. For example, an online seminar offers interactive options such as poll questions, chat functions and call-to-actions. It is also possible to share your desktop, show applications via a smartphone or tablet or use live video. An online seminar provides a lot of data, both the dates of the registered participants, and the dates of the webinar. You can use all of these data to access potential leads, but also to gather conversions. It is also possible to distribute the webinar registration to your target group at the end of the webinar. This way you can reach an even bigger audience!