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Webinar on location

Do you want to broadcast a meeting or presentation at your own location? Yourwebinar can be of service to you. Through our mobile studio it is also possible to provide you on location for professional light and sound and the technical guidance that you are used to. We also assist you with the planning and organisation of a webinar on location, so that everything is ready for an optimal live broadcast.

A Webinar on location is right for you as...

•... you want to involve more participants in your physical presentation
With our software and webinaromgeving, 500 participants can participate live in your presentation.

•... you want to give a presentation where interaction is a must
With our webinaromgeving You can use the poll and chat functions to get in touch with online participants.

•... you have the ideal location at your disposal
Internet with 10 MB of up-and download speed and a nice decor is all we need.

Why Yourwebinar?

We offer you access to all our expertise at a feasible price. You will be helped in a personal and professional way to make your webinar a success. If you wish, We can make your webinar a professional video recording that you can share whenever and wherever you want.
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