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Event Registration

Broadcast a meeting or performance via a live stream at several locations simultaneously or via the Internet. Making a seminar or lecture available to a wide audience. Record a company party or sporting event. Just a few of the many possibilities of (live) event registration. Reach a larger audience and get more out of your event with professional video recording. Send the video to the participants afterwards. And relive the event over and over again.

The advantages of (live) event registration for your organisation

  • You will reach a larger audience for your event.
  • You enable participants who cannot come to the event location to still be present at the event.
  • You create valuable content for your website and to share with your network.
  • You can easily make the video registration available after the event, with additional information such as speaker presentations.
  • A video registration is an excellent marketing tool to interest potential participants in the next event.

When is (live) event registration interesting for you?

  • If you're organizing an event.
  • If you want to put the presentations of the speakers online afterwards or if you want to forward them.
  • If you have participants who are not able to reach the location of the event (internationals for example).
  • If you want to interest potential participants in the next event.

Why Yourwebinar?

  • Expert advice from experienced video producers
  • Access to professional capture tools and expertise
  • Need some help? We are flexible and will help you where necessary
  • Quickly assembled and delivered
  • Attractive price

In short: with (live) event registration from Yourwebinar you get more return from your event.

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