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    Want more information about webinars? Or are you going to organize a webinar soon, but do you still need some tips? Below you will find blogs that can help you organize a successful webinar.

How do you organize a webinar?

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular that we notice at Yourwebinar too! You also want to organize a webinar with your company, but where do you start? We will help you with useful tips for organizing a webinar. After all, a good start is half the work!


New at Yourwebinar: Video production

Did you know that visitors to a website still remember a video until a month later? And that a video on your webshop ensures that visitors stay longer on your site? Video production is ideal for online videos that do not require interaction. Think of an informative video about your product. Or how about a demonstration of your company's new collection? Yes!, you think.  What are the benefits of a video? And how does a video production actually work?


Webinars as a marketing tool

We at Yourwebinar are of course fond of webinars! So we'll be extra happy with webinars that go on webinars. such as ' webinars as a marketing instrument ', presented by specialist Leon Habashi. Do you want to know how to properly deploy a webinar as a marketing tool? We have set out the Belangijkste points for you.


Building a Webinar is what you do!

There are many parts that affect the presentation and persuasive power of your webinar. What structure makes the most of a webinar? And how do you ensure that all content fits together well? Not only the substantive information but also the order of content is important! Without a clear structure, the content will be much less good.


The possibilities of a call to action button

9 July 2018 by Yourwebinar

As soon as a webinar is over, there are still many opportunities to hold the attendees of your webinar longer. How about a nice discount action or free demo? Or would you like to learn the participants better by means of an evaluation form? All of these different options can be merged into only one button. The Call to action button: But what exactly is it?