New at Yourwebinar: Video production

Did you know that visitors to a website still remember a video until a month later? And that a video on your webshop ensures that visitors stay longer on your site? Video production is ideal for online videos that do not require interaction. Think of an informative video about your product. Or how about a demonstration of your company's new collection? Yes!, you think.  What are the benefits of a video? And how does a video production actually work?


A good video production on your website attracts the attention of visitors. Unfortunately, In the Netherlands, not much use has been made of this. In America This is done and there is also a lot of research into the effects of video on websites. The results do not lie!


Benefits of Video


There is an awful lot to be found on the internet about the use of video on websites and the effects of this. To give a good example: according to Dr. James McQuivey of research firm Forrester, One minute video same value as 1.8 million written words Should have. When you consider that in a blog typically 400 to 700 words are used, you understand why video production is becoming increasingly popular.  It has also been shown that 80% of the target group Remembered the video on a website until a month later. And that not only: 46% of video viewers also undertook action after looking. Recently, an article was published on on a Dutch study which found that a Video in a webshop Ensured that visitors stayed longer on the website and also visited more pages.


Your own video production


Now, of course, you also want such a beautiful video as a business card on your website. We can help you! In addition to organizing webinars, Yourwebinar also now offers Customised Video Production To. When organizing a video production you can use all our expertise and facilities. Because we regulate the equipment, technology and studio, you only have to deal with the content and Presentation of your video. You can make a video production of Yourwebinar completely your own taste by using our green screen. For example, We can use your house style and logo in the video so that it is recognizable to your visitors.


How does a video production work?


Do you already have a concrete representation of the video or are it still vague ideas? You can contact us at any stage of the video production. We can help you shape your idea. Then we will discuss with you what it takes to make this idea a reality. With our Green screen We can use very different decors for your video production. This can be a PowerPoint presentation, an image or even a video. After recording the video, our technician will assemble the video, with your house style and logo. The mounted video registration will be sent to you as soon as possible. Was it not quite as you had conceived? Not mind! Like you, we would like to look back on the video production. That's why we always offer one free correction round.


Do you want to organize your video production at Yourwebinar? Please Contact With us via or 020 – 636 91 78. 
23 August 2018 by Yourwebinar